I should sue for false advertising.

Just this morning I was listening to the radio and there was a commercial advertising Tax Debt Consolidation.

The commercial opened with the false statement that the scariest letters in the alphabet were IRS (Internal Revenue Service).

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The Dark Knight Rises trailer VS The Dark Knight

Back in 2008 when I would speak to my mom regarding The Dark Knight (DK), she thought it was just another action movie. She had no idea it was a Batman sequel.

Perhaps there are some who are unaware that the Batman sequel has a sequel scheduled to reach the masses almost exactly one year from now, called The Dark Knight Rises (DKR). Even fewer people may be aware that the teaser trailer for said sequel is available as we speak. Look no further: Continue reading

The ‘Ridiculousness’ of Today’s Scam Letters

There’s no question that things are tougher now than they’ve been in a while. People are desperate and will do almost anything to make a buck.

This includes making a complete fool of yourself online, in an attempt to scam some poor, unsuspecting grandparent who was just talked into stepping into the new world of internet and email.  Their grandchildren got together and created the account for ole pappy. They set up the email address, ya know, and teach him how to check his email. Their intention is to make it easier to send pictures of the family and to keep ole gramps updated on family events.

I imagine this scenario because clearly these must be the only poor, unsuspecting souls that fall for these email scams. Has to be. I don’t blame the old people. It’s not their fault. Continue reading

Ahh Quit Your Whining About Netflix

I wonder if people actually pay attention to the things they say.

The country is up in arms over the past couple of days with Netflix new plan annoucements.

In case you’ve been under a rock, the plan that was previously $10, which included unlimited streaming and unlimited dvd’s for the month – one at a time – will be no more. Beginning Sept 1 customers will pay the regular $8 for unlimited streaming, and a separate $8 for unlimited dvd’s

That’s a $6 increase for the same service. For one full month. Unlimited. Call the Better Business Bureau!! Continue reading