Ahh Quit Your Whining About Netflix

I wonder if people actually pay attention to the things they say.

The country is up in arms over the past couple of days with Netflix new plan annoucements.

In case you’ve been under a rock, the plan that was previously $10, which included unlimited streaming and unlimited dvd’s for the month – one at a time – will be no more. Beginning Sept 1 customers will pay the regular $8 for unlimited streaming, and a separate $8 for unlimited dvd’s

That’s a $6 increase for the same service. For one full month. Unlimited. Call the Better Business Bureau!!

Yes I am a very happy Netflix subscriber. No I will not be going anywhere.

Sometime we complain so much that if someone gave us $1 million in $100 bills, we’d complain that it wasn’t in $20 bills.

Let’s start with the basics. As with any business Netflix has expenses. The same people who complain about the increase are the same people who probably complained that the movies available to stream were not all new movies. The company has to pay for the license to stream a movie. It’s not a freebie or an illegal download. How exactly is Netflix supposed to continue to increase their available films and keep their (uh, doors) open without more money? Not to mention the fact that they don’t charge us for shipping the physical dvd’s but I’m quite sure the Post Office charges them. Think about it

But the whiny train without thinking it through doesn’t stop there. Here’s an excerpt of an article I read online regarding this matter. Click here for the entire read:

Turick, the technology engineer, was paying $10 a month to have unlimited streaming and a single disc out at a time, and with the new plans he would be on the hook for $16 per month.

The change felt “like a slap in the face,” he said, adding that he’ll try renting movies from Redbox kiosks, ordering on-demand videos through his cable TV provider or using his Blu-ray player to stream videos from the Web.

Let’s think about this for a minute. We’ve already concluded that this is a $6 increase from the basic combo plan, and the increase is all we’ll focus on right now, since he clearly had no problem with the initial $10 a month. After an apparent “slap in the face” (I can’t help but laugh every time I read that, people are so dramatic) Turick said he’ll try renting from Redbox. Redbox is $1.50 per day for Blu Ray, $1 per day for standard dvd’s. If he wants blu ray, his $6 increase in Netflix will now cover an apparent non-slap in the face of four days worth of renting per month. Assuming he kept them for one night each, this would entitle him to four dvd’s per month for the increase. Also, Redbox doesn’t offer streaming

My main man Turick also stated that he would try renting movies from his Cable provider. If you ask me this is where the real slap in the face comes from. Renting an HD movie on your cable provider, Apple store via the Apple TV, or Amazon on Demand will cost you $5 – $6 per movie for the newest flicks and $3 for older flicks. That $6 increase will get you one newer movie on demand per month or two older movies per month. And your cable provider doesn’t have streaming either. Sure they have regular cable you can pay for (it’s not included in the cost of purchasing a movie), and remember you can’t even get a movie on demand unless you have paid cable service in the first place. You want uncensored movies? Sure, pay them $12 – $15 a month per “premium” channel and you watch what they want you to watch as many times as they want you to watch it.

Netflix is still the best deal around. You’ll pay more elsewhere once you leave Netflix, and some people are claiming to do this on principle. What principle? What did Netflix do that was so horrible? Not only did they actually give us notice rather than surprising us on the first of September, but they even gave us six weeks to make a decision.

But some people canceled their service right away. Instead of testing the other methods to see if they were more cost effective for you during the next six weeks, you react on emotion and begin to pay more to other companies like Redbox, their cable provider, or Amazon on Demand in an attempt to slap Netflix back in the face.

Yeah, that’ll teach em


17 thoughts on “Ahh Quit Your Whining About Netflix

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  5. I opted for the unlimited streaming option. I’ve had the one DVD option and streaming before but really all I’ve been doing is stream on my laptop or XBOX and I’ve had this one DVD of “The Hurt Locker” for over a year now that I haven’t bothered watching or mail back. Streaming will be the way we’ll be watching most of our movies at home. Its just more convenient. Good article Spiritt!

    • Thanks Adam. I know what you mean. I also agree. I’ve been on steaming much more frequently between my Roku, Wi Fi Connected Blu Ray player, and iPad. Sure they’re not all new movies but there are so many movies to watch, a lot of which haven’t been seen by SOMEBODY. I’ve had a physical dvd since the hoops season in May. Matter of fact, as I type this reply I’m watching Netflix on my ipad. You can watch an entire series of a tv show lasting anywhere from 5 – 11 weeks. Plenty to keep you occupied!

  6. In the grand scheme of things the cost of living is steadily increasing, and that includes entertainment. For all the customers complaining about a $6 increase some will leave permenantly, some will leave and then come back, and some will grumble a bit and spend $6 to save more. People will complain about anything….. What do you mean my .99 coffee is now 1.03!! What an outrage!! Personally I do not have a Netflix account, but I do recognize it as a good deal, even with the price increase. My attitude is if you don’t want to pay for something… Don’t. Ironically many of the people complaining about $6 per month are probably the same people spending $5 every morning at Starbucks, $100 to fill up their SUVs, and paying $15 a person to see Harry Potter this weekend. Go figure…..

  7. it is a bargain, but there is not that much out there I want to see. I have cable for ESPN and pretty much the basic channels. I can’t think of three movies I saw at the movies this year.

    Mydollar is just too important to me right now for either theaters or netflix.

  8. I agree. I still see Netflix as a bargain. Yes, I always roll my eyes at every price increase (which makes me dizzy every time I pass a Shell station), but I figure Netflix will still save me over $20 each month. Gotta be grateful for that.

    • Yeah definitely Jimmy. You already know that increases happen all the time. That’s why you’re dizzy every time you pass Shell (that was funny). But you know people continue to complain about gas prices, but guess what. They’re still buying gas.

  9. certainly you are not attacking people’s right to complain. People work hard for their money and when services increase they have the right to voice that complaint. I remember a similar argument, it went like this:

    Why are people complaining about a slight increase in Blockbuster rental prices? Well folks then began using netflx (there were other reasons also) and the stock plummeted. Blockbuster is no more. Netflix stock fell by 11 bucks today.

    Yeah keep it up Netflix. See what happens.

    • No not attacking people’s right to do it. Just stating how ridiculous it is for several reasons. First, people have the right to complain, companies have the right to ignore as they say fit. Second, people like to believe they can get something for next to nothing and that simply isn’t true. Third, Netflix is still a viable option and people should see how ridiculous it is to complain about the small things. Fourth, it was more of an argument about options. What other options are there and are they truly better or are you just reacting on emotions. And finally, the stock market is a roller coaster by nature. Sure it’s been falling non-stop since Monday. Believe me, it will go back up. Particularly when the people who “have the right to complain” figure out Netflix is still the best option. Netflix will be just fine

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