The Dark Knight Rises trailer VS The Dark Knight

Back in 2008 when I would speak to my mom regarding The Dark Knight (DK), she thought it was just another action movie. She had no idea it was a Batman sequel.

Perhaps there are some who are unaware that the Batman sequel has a sequel scheduled to reach the masses almost exactly one year from now, called The Dark Knight Rises (DKR). Even fewer people may be aware that the teaser trailer for said sequel is available as we speak. Look no further:

If you view the trailer and are not anxious to see this film, then I have no idea why you’re still on this page

Despite the obvious mix-ins with clips of DK, the movie still looks very intriguing. I love the sleek style of Christopher Nolan along with those symphonic soundtracks that have dominated the Batman series, as well as Inception. It’s pretty much a Nolan staple and I think it fits the Batman franchise perfectly.

And it looks like the originals are all here with the exception of Rachel Dawes and Harvey Dent because, ya know, they’re dead. Oh by the way, if you don’t want me to ruin the DK climax for you then don’t read the last line.

Here’s where I’m probably going to lose people.  For the first time in a couple of years I recently blew the dust off DK and popped it in my player.  I watched it from a hype-less stand point, which rivals the buzz surrounding the film when it first came out. What I found surprised me. The film was just not as great as I once thought. As a matter of fact, the film wasn’t great at all.

There’s the exceptional dialogue, such as “there were more copycats last night, Alfred”, uttered by Bruce Wayne himself. I haven’t heard the term copycat since I was in elementary school. There’s a reason for that.

Not specifically picking on DK for this, as they are not alone, but why do hero’s always say “let her go” when the villain grabs his love interest as a hostage? (Remember the fundraiser The Joker crashed at Wayne’s House). As if the villain is going to hang his head and say “aww you never let me have any fun”. And speaking of that scene, no one noticed that Bruce Wayne was missing? What happened to the people on the couch who were making out as Wayne went to change his clothes? They didn’t blow the whistle on the noticeable absence of the Man of the House? And are we to assume that after Batman jumped after Rachel, the Joker just….left? That entire sequence left me scratching my head.

And I still find myself yelling at the bank manager (played by William Fichtner) in the opening scene for being an idiot for several reasons.

Check out the clip, if you want a refresher course of the opening sequence:

First, why was the manager defending the bank with a shotgun when it wasn’t even his bank? Nor was he a security guard because last time I checked, they don’t wear suits on duty and have an office. And besides, since it was a mob bank he already warned them that ‘you and your friends are dead’. So what was his shooting for?

Next, if you’re going to get yourself involved in a shoot out with a gang of armed thieves, might be wise to take cover as you shoot, rather than making yourself an easy target while standing in the middle of the room. He did realize that was a regular suit he was wearing and not an armor suit, right?

Here’s the rest of the opening scene:

After side stepping death despite his ridiculous antics, he seemed to not rest until the Joker took his life. Somehow despite being shot with an automatic weapon, not only was he still breathing but he was clearly still able to speak normally. The Joker prepares to climb in the bus and take off, thus sparring the life of the man he didn’t realize was still alive. Then the man had to inexplicably open his big mouth and give a completely useless speech. A speech regarding the caliber of criminals in the past compared to the one’s in his presence now. Ya know, the one that shot him. To which The Joker gives a retort regarding his belief and proceeds to stick a gas grenade in his mouth, putting us all out of our misery. Yet, I found myself sitting on my couch yelling at the TV as if he can hear me. SPIT OUT THE GRENADE FOOL! He must have been a last minute re-write in the script.

I could go on but there’s no need to beat a dead horse.

Christopher Nolan really needs DKR to hit. I just hope he wrote and shot a better Batman film this time around. Perhaps he can revisit his passion from Batman Begins which, for what it’s worth, was a much better movie than DK. What Batman Begins and DKR have in common is neither has the buzz of Heath Ledger’s performance and untimely death to boost ticket sales.

The buzz was well deserved. Ledger was flawless in his final film. I remember anxiously awaiting his arrival in each scene. Take him out of that film and you have a thick piece of meat with no seasoning. Real bland

DKR will need to stand on it’s own. Despite our knowledge of no Joker, following the success of DK there will be much anticipation for this film. Even I’m writing about it a full year before it hits theaters.

I’m cheering for Nolan. I want him to win on his own. He’s a talented filmmaker and writer, despite his mishaps in DK, who has yet to really establish his own brand. Since this is supposedly the final installment of the Batman series, I would love to see it end with a success And having grown as a filmmaker with Inception, Nolan may very well be poised for just that.

But will it happen? Is DKR good enough? Will people who saw DK flock to see it knowing there will be no Heath Ledger’s Joker? Will this take on the franchise end with a bang or a whimper?

These questions, and more, will have to wait until July 20, 2012


4 thoughts on “The Dark Knight Rises trailer VS The Dark Knight

  1. Great point, outside of Nicholson’s Joker,

    You had Riddler and Two Face in Batman Forever (Two Face was really bad Tommy Lee Jones basically just played the Joker and I hated when he continuously flipped the coin and waited for his result. Two-Face flips once and that is it.)

    Catwoman and Penguin in Batman Returns (Danny Devito’s penguin was visually stunning but a horrible foe. When they finally had a physical confrontation Batman backhands him once and the fight is over. I thought Michelle P. did good as Catwoman – but nowhere near Eartha Kitt.)

    And finally Bane, Poison Ivy and Mr. Freeze in the abomination that was Batman and Robin. I have nothing good to say about that flick.
    Btw, at comiccon last week someone asked the question, are we ever going to see anyone other white people in the super hero movies? Standing ovation.

  2. As good as Nolan is he is following Tim Burton’s formula. TWO villains against the DARK KNIGHT per movie. I enjoyed the Dark Knight although I thought it was about 20 minutes too long. I am looking forward to DKR, but Ann Hathaway as Catwoman is not a high selling point for me.

    They seem to be pushing it as if it concludes the story, well the only way to end Batman’s story is to kill the BAT or have the big reveal of his identity. Although this is Nolan’s last film, I suspect the franchise continues.

    • In Burton’s franchise, who was the other villain in the first one besides the Joker? I agree, Hathaway isn’t a good selling point for me either. That part has been played several times before so I’m hoping she can bring something original to it. Ledger’s Joker was not the first, but it was the most unique.
      Very true. The Batman franchise will never die. I should have said Nolan’s version is advertised as coming to a close. And depending on the success of DKR, we’ll see if that sticks

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