Yeah. Thanks. Jerk.

I recently restarted my journey to attempt to lose weight and get back in the same shape I was in high school. Well, as close as I can at least.

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Blog About A Detained Blogger On A Bad Day

I ran across an article that I found very interesting from a moral stand-point. The reason being that as I read it, I found myself viewing both sides of the story equally. They were both right.

The basic details are that an Arab-Jewish Housewife and two Indian strangers seated in her row, were handcuffed and later strip searched following a flight to Ohio from Colorado. Click here to read the article.

As it turns out, the Housewife (her name is Shoshana Hebshi) is also a Blogger and she wrote a blog detailing her experience.

Oh, and here’s the kicker. This went down on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. That’s right, on Sept 11, 2011.

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THE BEST $25 I EVER SPENT (with Video Proof)

I have a confession to make and some people may think I’m crazy.  But I have never really been a fan of Prince. The Purple One. The artist formerly known as the artist formerly known as Prince. (No that’s not an accidental repeat).

But there are things I noticed. I remember a few years ago he came to Los Angeles to perform at the Staples Center. My co-workers back then were ecstatic. It was an event. People who had tickets requested time off surrounding it and it seemed like all they could talk about.

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