Can You Guess The Song?

I don’t know what it is about us as parents but when it comes to your child you think he/she can do no wrong.

For example, I’m a grammar freak and yet I find myself loving the way my daughter mispronounces various words and phrases. The more she does it, the cuter I think it is, the harder I laugh.

Perhaps it’s because she is extremely serious as she does it. In fact, she often gets upset at me for laughing because everything (as she puts it) is “a serious situation dad”.

So one of my daughter’s activities that I love the most is when she sings. She loves to sing to me and I frequently find myself asking for concerts from my five year old. That does not imply in the least that she’s a superstar singer. Um, or even good for that matter. In fact my baby isn’t a great singer. I could listen to her sing to me all day because, as I mentioned, our kids can do no wrong in our eyes. As long as she doesn’t tryout for American Idol before she’s polished, it’s no big deal. You might not say she’s talented in that department, but you will say she’s cute.

So on that note (pun intended), below is a video of her in the car on the way to the LA County Fair on Saturday, Oct 1. This started because she has a particular favorite singer and was working my nerves trying to be a backseat DJ.

So finally her ole man figured out to just give her the ipod and some headphones, a quick lesson in how to operate it, and turn her loose with her favorite performer. Here’s what happened the first time she listened to this song on the ipod on this particular car trip. Yes, THE FIRST TIME (sigh)! Put in the comments below what song it is she’s singing….if you can figure it out:


4 thoughts on “Can You Guess The Song?

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  2. I second that!! The way you make me feel…. Sorta!! I was rolling bro!! But then I stopped because I remembered…. “this is a serious situation”

    • Lmao @ sis. Yeah, it is a serious situation! But you have no idea how hard it is to drive, record and crack up all at the same time

  3. Hello…it is her favorite person….MJ…and it’s the Way You Make Me Feel!!! =)
    Reign is sooooooooo cute!!!

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