The Worst Promo I Have Ever Seen In My Life

While sifting through a few websites trying to find a great deal in Vegas, I found myself on the site of El Cortez, Downtown Vegas.

If I was on the fence about booking a stay at that hotel this jewel would definitely be a deal closer. If this doesn’t persuade you to want to go nothing will:

It took me 15 mins to stop laughing.

Nothing says you’re a real superstar more than $1 ice cream bar.

But then just when I wiped away the tears of laughter and picked myself off the floor, I read it again and continued to last part, which was easily my favorite….


Back to the floor I went.

Apparently they have to save their sacred Ice Cream bars for only once a week.

Hey Cortez guys (because they can’t be CEO’s). A Jackpot “promotion” shouldn’t be anything you can buy a box of at the store for less than $5.

I’m sorry I have to tell you that.

Oh and just in case you think I’m making this up….click here. NOTE: You might have to hit the arrow on the right a few times to see it.


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