Compound Traffic

An interesting concept.

Stay with me on this one.

It hit me this morning. Sometimes there are things that have nothing to do with each other, but if you think about it hard enough (or if your brain is whacky like mine) you’ll find it.

I’m going to start with a concept you may or may not be familiar with. It’s called Compound Interest.

The concept behind Compound Interest is basically to fatten the pockets of financial guru’s. Usually Compound Interest doesn’t benefit the common man, with the exception of a retirement account over many years. Sure it applies to bank accounts too but who really cares about gaining that kind of interest on $84 in your account?

The idea is simple. Interest is tacked on to the principle of any substantial amount of money, be it a loan, an account or anything else. That interest over time adds (or compounds) more interest to the interest.


This is why if you have a 15% interest rate on your car, you don’t calculate the principle and then add 15% for your total. That 15% is adding to itself daily. This is also why the higher the rate, the higher the payments. And how a $10,000 car could end up costing you $22,000 by the time the banks finish removing the ky jelly.

Not a good concept for your wallet. But a great concept to some rich guy, who owns the planet, but is usually bald headed (ever notice that?) with that little ring of fire around their head.

Anyway that brings me to my point. This morning I returned to work after a much needed nine day vacation. As you could imagine it was the hardest day to get up.

After the Mrs did her routine of waking me up before going to wake up our daughter, I laid in the bed for a second and immediately coined the term compound traffic.

Let me explain.

I live in Los Angeles, otherwise known as one big traffic jam.

The concept behind Compound Traffic is because the City of Los Angeles doesn’t have a No Vacancy sign, as I’ve been saying they should use to replace the Hollywood sign long time ago.

We are fully booked!

The idea behind Compound Traffic is simple. Traffic is tacked on top of traffic in order to benefit….well, nobody. But it does piss a lot of Los Angelians off.

This is why if you’re 10 minutes late in getting up, you don’t just add 10 minutes to your trip and assume you will arrive to your destination 10 minutes late.

This is why just leaving five minutes late could result in getting to your destination 20-25 minutes late, by the time the lack of No Vacancy sign removes the ky jelly.

Ever wondered why?

Now you know. Compound Traffic is real.

And now it has a name. Compliments of me.

You’re welcome.

So if you live in a heavy traffic area and have to be somewhere at a certain time, remember that extra snooze can cost you more than that 9 minutes.





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