Young children are very cute. You know, the age before they get to the point where they know everything and don’t want to spend any time with you?

Oh how I wish I could keep my child five years old forever.

Anyway my little girl has a few things she will say or has said that are too cute for words. Yes I realize every parent probably says the same thing about their child. Well, let em get their own blog.

Here are my favorite sayings/mispronounced words/”she’s just too cute” phrases from my little girl:

BASEPT (pronounced buh-cept)

This is one of those words she uses I find too cute to correct her on. Apparently it’s difficult for her to say ‘Except’ so this is what comes out when she tries.


I just heard this one this morning for the first time. Every morning on the way to her school we pass a fire station, and when we see it we both say “Fire Truck” (hey, all moments with our child(ren) are special). Well this morning she informed me that she saw a FidaFida working on the truck. She was trying to say Firefighter. I asked three times for both confirmation and entertainment. I laughed but didn’t find the heart to correct it. Too cute.


She even makes up words to describe things that are familiar for her. Perhaps I’m a little biased but I find that to be quite genius. This term (yes with the ‘A’ intentionally held) is what she calls me when I shave my facial hair off. I think it was the first word that came to her mind and it stuck.


Upon hearing this phrase it may not sound like anything special in particular. That’s what I thought too as my baby came up to me and told me she made a happy face. I had this puzzled look on my face that her mom could see. She put me out of my confusion by explaining that this is what it means for her to finish all of her food on her plate when eating. I never would have thunk.


Hey, if it were what you thought it wouldn’t be a Reign-ism. That’s what makes it so funny. This is a new one that she just asked her aunt about this past weekend. She was saying she has a crap in her in foot and asked her aunt if she had one in her hand. This meant she had a pain. She’s trying to say a cramp, which basically isn’t a cramp it’s just pain. Funny.


I’m a gadget geek. During the course of many conversations, she has heard me talk to her mom about the internet network. For some reason she’s never heard the N. Or perhaps she decided it would be a better word without it. Either way, I love it. The funniest part about it is when she said it, I asked her what she said and she specifically said “Etwork, with an E”. Thanks for the clarification babe.

No need for me to be biased. What are some of your favorite mispronounced words/phrases you’ve heard from other children?



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