11 out of 216 means I’m a big loser

What do I spend my spare time doing?

No seriously, because I have no idea.

Yes I have been working on various things. But overall it hasn’t been so bad that I don’t have any spare time.

I love basketball. But from late June till Christmas there were no pro games.

I am a father. But I only have one child and she’s not yet in a lot of extra-curricular activities.

I’m building my own website. But there is time surrounding that for me to do what I please.

So I decided to actually spend some time doing something meaningless by nature, but important to me.

I decided to count.

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My Daughter Is No Longer Allowed To Watch Commercials

I’m not one of those people to start whine and protest everything. But on a lighter level I think advertising should be prohibited to children.

And I only say that because I am a parent now and have to face the other side of it.

Most kids have no money. They have no job.

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