My Daughter Is No Longer Allowed To Watch Commercials

I’m not one of those people to start whine and protest everything. But on a lighter level I think advertising should be prohibited to children.

And I only say that because I am a parent now and have to face the other side of it.

Most kids have no money. They have no job.

Why are there commercials on cartoons on Nickelodeon? Are there really parents who sit down and watch these shows? Is Spongebob Squarepants really can’t miss tv for any adult?

I sincerely hope not.

Yeah I get it. Advertisers know that your child will want the latest and greatest and will hound you to get it.

See they don’t have to hear it.

That’s why they put commercials for every new toy known to man on every commercial starting at the end of November.

Oh they’re good. I won’t lie. My five year daughter can’t remember that I told her 30 seconds ago to go pick up her clothes in her room, but she sure remembers what she wants from a tv commercial.

Case in point. One day last week I was driving her to school.

Let me start off with a personality description of my child. Every day I have to remind her about “not interrupting grown folk” (I’m real old school) when they’re talking. Be polite and say excuse me and then wait. This is daily! Yet, much like the reminder to go pick up her clothes, it goes in one ear and out the other.

So on this particular trip to school, it’s just she and I and it’s quiet in the car. No one is talking. No music. No sound whatsoever.

But my daughter, in a very quiet voice, says “excuse me daddy”.

Clearly she wants something. I go in to daddy mode and brace myself but I tell her to go ahead.

“May you have to please get some tickets?”, she asked.

Wow! She’s being remarkably soft and polite. DO NOT be fooled! I’m being set up.

“Tickets to what?”, I returned.

“Tickets to the Fresh Beat Band. I saw they are going to be in concert”, she so cutely explains.

See I already knew this, as her mother and I had already discussed getting tickets since we know how much she loves them. But I wanted to know just how much she knew and why.

“How did you know they were in concert?”, I asked.

“Because I sall (can’t say saw yet) it on my tv and we have to get the tickets in a hurry”, she explained.

Now I’m really interested. Where is she going with this?

So I ask the obvious question.

“Why do we have to get the tickets in a hurry”.

She explains, “Because the man on the tv said Buy Tickets Now”.

(gasp) Ohhhhhh. The marketing guys have jumped in my baby’s head. GET OUT I SAY!

I’m leading a revolt.


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