11 out of 216 means I’m a big loser

What do I spend my spare time doing?

No seriously, because I have no idea.

Yes I have been working on various things. But overall it hasn’t been so bad that I don’t have any spare time.

I love basketball. But from late June till Christmas there were no pro games.

I am a father. But I only have one child and she’s not yet in a lot of extra-curricular activities.

I’m building my own website. But there is time surrounding that for me to do what I please.

So I decided to actually spend some time doing something meaningless by nature, but important to me.

I decided to count.

There were a total of 216 movies released in theaters in 2011.

I watched 11 of them.

And it gets worse.

My criteria in my research was simple. They needed to be released in 2011 and I needed to watch them in 2011. Didn’t matter if it was at home or in the theater.

Well after further review, I discovered that I only saw…..are you ready for this?…..TWO movies in the theater last year!


In a year that literally saw the most sequels of any year in history this is unacceptable.

Not to mention that I am a happy Netflix customer with access to any dvd or and many streaming movies.

I’m a loser.

So I’ve come to a decision. This is early in the year and if you believe everything you read, this will be the last year of life on Earth anyway so live it up.

I will not only watch more movies this year, but I will start a new blog specifically for my new movie reviews. My goal is to watch 60 new movies this year. Why 60? Because….well, it’s a nice round number. Were you really expecting a deep reason?

In fact before I post this I will have set up the new blog. This text should be written in blue because it’s a link to join that blog. So you should go join now. Seriously. Now.

And finally, I’m sure you’re just dying to know the 11 movies released in 2011 that I saw in 2011, aren’t ya? Well fret no more:


Didn’t get to check this one out in the theater. I never planned to. The reason why is because I didn’t particularly care for the first two. Yes I know, some of you just gasped at the screen. But when you think about it these movies offer nothing more than excellent effects. And yes they are awesome. And this third installment was no different. I saw it for free with a rental code from Redbox (returned the next day of course). And THAT made this movie worth mentioning.



I had every intention of catching this one in the theater. Was actually looking forward to it. Didn’t make it for whatever reason. But when I finally saw it, it instantly became my favorite movie of 2011. Well, ya know, of all 11 I saw. Sure the acting by the main characters was unbelievably horrible. Sure The Rock overdid it a bit (why was that dude always drenched in sweat?). But from strictly an entertainment stand point, it was easily the best movie of the year. That I saw. Of the 11.


Saw this one at home too and actually had to make myself finish watching it. Was bored in the beginning. It got better but let’s face it, this movie franchise hasn’t been great since the Curse of the Black Pearl. But we always go see the new one hoping. Hoping it’s close to as good as the first.

So far we’ve been let down.




OMG!! Was this Cars 2 or was it an animated 007 movie? What an absolute stinker! This was the biggest disappointment of all the movies in 2011. That I saw. All 11 of them.

But seriously. I loved the first Cars. It had an incredible heart and it had a few laugh out loud moments (“he did what in his cup?). But this one turned that movie of heart into a spy film. Seriously. A spy film. I liked the home feel of Radiator Springs in the first one. Rarely saw RS in this one. And his girlfriend was no where to really be found. Would have rather seen a sequel take place in RS that focused on family and friendship struggles of the racer, rather than some stupid James Bond in animation. Ugh! Extremely Disappointed.


The official reason that I’m going on record with is that I saw this because of my little girl. They have it on Netflix Streaming and one day we decided to spend some daddy/daughter time and watch a movie. But unofficially I wanted to see it from the trailer. It had some funny parts in it. It’s the telling of Romeo & Juliet with Gnomes. It was clever. I have no regrets watching it. But that’s perhaps because I just finished writing about Cars 2. Oh btw, that movie really sucked.



Definitely only saw this one because of my daughter and this was the second of two films that I saw in the theater for the whole year. It’s received really bad reviews but I don’t think it was as horrible as people claimed. But that’s because, unlike some, I have no problems seeing a movie for what it is…entertainment and entertainment only. That’s why these guys are superstar singers in a world of humans. Who cares? Funny story though. My daughter typically has a problem sitting still for long periods of time. She sat straight up the entire movie and never took her eyes off the screen. Stayed awake. Didn’t move at all. After the movie she kept talking about how great it was (she’s 5, that’s how she describes what she REALLY REALLY likes) and asked me to buy it for her. Take that, bad reviews.


Yes, it was a formulaic movie. But perhaps because I live in Los Angeles I found it wildly entertaining. Again, I have the ability to watch a movie and, a) not expect it to give me the meaning of life, and b) not have to go through it with a fine tooth comb.

I remember watching this movie on my laptop with my favorite noise canceling headphones. The movie was pretty good but the sound was awesome. I enjoyed it.



Much like what I’ve heard about the Twilight films, it turns out this film is geared toward the Teens of the world, uh, to which I am not.

But still I found the fight scenes some of the best that I’ve seen since the first Matrix. Highly entertaining and a lot of fun to watch, I don’t care that it wasn’t in my demographic. Especially since I didn’t see it in the theater, so no one could see me enjoying it.



Or as my daughter so cutely calls it “The Bird Movie”. Yep, another one I saw because of her. It was cool. Not as funny as I thought it would be, but as is the case with most of these animated movies of this century it was still entertaining and told a good story.

Oh and it was much better than Cars 2.




Most of you probably said “huh?”. But this one has a story. I’ll remember this more so for HOW I saw it. One day I was browsing the Flixster app on my blu ray player. I was watching some movie trailers and came across this one and thought it looked interesting. While it was in theaters I was browsing Amazon’s Online Movies and available to rent WHILE IT WAS STILL IN THEATERS was this movie. And it was only $2 more than a normal rental. I loved it just because of the technology. The movie was slow but it wasn’t horrible. It stars that ugly girl that Tobey Maguire should have received an oscar for acting like he was in love with her in Spider Man (All that money she makes and she can’t get her teeth fixed?). It involves her crazy wedding and a planet called Melancholia that is on track to collide with Earth. It’s not action packed like the movie 2012. In fact it looked like the whole movie may have cost $150 to make. But the ugly girl (ok I’m being cruel, her name is Kirsten Dunst) was good in it.

And last but not least…..


I plan to bootleg this movie. Meaning I refuse to pay to own it. Now before you get to telling me how horrible I am, let me explain.

My sister and I went to the live show where he recorded this at the Nokia Theater. And those tickets were not free.

Then I took the Mrs to see the movie in the theaters because I was tired of being the only one in my house hold who knew what “Alright Alright Alriiiight” meant. Plus we all really liked his previous show Seriously Funny.  Kevin Hart is a stand up comedian and, presumably with the success of Seriously Funny, got his newest show placed in theaters. It’s funny. I enjoyed it. But I’ve paid full price for it in two venues. I should get a free dvd copy just because.

What was your favorite movie in 2011? What was your Cars 2, aka, worst movie on your list from 2011?

And don’t forget to subscribe to my other blog for the 60 movie challenge for 2012.


6 thoughts on “11 out of 216 means I’m a big loser

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  5. Dude, she may not be the best looking girl in the world, but I don’t understand how anyone can say that Kirsten Dunst is “ugly.” If that’s Hollywood ugly, then I’d be happy with it from a purely aesthetic standpoint, and she’s a quite decent actress, too. Really want to see that movie, too.

    But nice list. You’ve seen a lot of what I saw (some I didn’t) and, yeah, I’d pretty much agree. Cars 2 = terrible disappointment, Rio = cute, not remarkable, and Gnomeo & Juliet = too “clever” for its own good. I still refuse to see Alvin & the Chipmunks, though, unless I was doing so under some kind of… challenge or something.

    Good luck with watching 60 new movies! Just remember, a “new” movie doesn’t have to mean new release. I get a lot of mileage out of Netflix, etc.

    • Haha, Fair enough on K Dunst. We all have different taste.

      Thanks for reading. I don’t blame you for not watching Alvin and the Chipmunks. I would never have done it if I didn’t have my daughter. With that being said, I challenge you to watch the first one. Because…..well no particular reason. But you did leave the gate open.

      Yes thanks for the luck wishes. It will be interesting. Netflix has so much. I plan to brave the front and develop the patience to watch something, knowing it may be a stinker. Hey if I survived Cars 2….

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