Hey, Where’s The Outrage?

Let me start off by explaining something. I am not a huge pet lover. Actually I’m not a pet lover at all. I don’t hurt them or anything. I’m just not all goo goo over them.

I’m not afraid of dogs. I don’t have a story of triumph over defeat at the expense of a dog. I don’t even really have a reason why I don’t like animals. It’s just not in me.

Now I realize that there are so many people out that absolutely love animals, dogs in particular. Some disgustingly so (stop letting your dogs kiss you in the mouth people…seriously).

There’s a dog craze in this country that goes deep. As a result, people/companies have tried to use that to their advantage. To make you feel sad and probably send money. Remember this depressing ass commercial?

‘scuse me while I go jump off a cliff.

Now let me get to the point. About a month or so ago, much to the proof of the love of my family, we got a dog. My ladies in the house had been hounding me (pun intended) and in a degree of compromise I gave in.

See the mrs and I have had our shares of ups and very very downs. But lately it’s been really good as I’ve witnessed her working harder at it. So I wanted to give something on my end. And our little girl has been working hard in school. So I lifted the no dogs rule that I had implemented.

So here she is and her name is Lilly or Lily, depending on who you ask.

Now here’s my point. My wife picked up Lilly from the shelter in the City of Los Angeles.

Apparently she was abused before and found her way out of that situation right into the comforts of the shelter. The love, the protection, the non-abuse.

My wife decides to go on a Friday to pick up the dog. Didn’t want to wait for the weekend. Not even the next day.


Well, do you know what they were going to do to Lilly and many other dogs at the shelter if no one “purchased” them by Saturday?


Are you kidding me?! They would have been better off in their abused home.

The reason they kill them, as I’ve been told, is because there are too many of them and they have no place to put them.

Yeah we have that same problem in LA too. It’s called the 405. Imagine that. Imagine being able to freely kill people because there are just too many of us on the freeway.

With the size of this planet there is NO OTHER alternative than to kill them?

I thought animal lovers would be outraged at this. Guess what? The people I’ve talked to about this all knew that this was the way it worked. Some even defended it. Where is your song for this Sarah McLachlan? Where is your commercial about this ASPCA?

Now remember I said I’m not a dog lover. But I don’t believe in just killing anything because there’s too many of them. Being a minority if someone ever got the idea to randomly take out my people because they have no place to put us, I’d have to own a gun store to protect my family.

My issue is more with the double standard. Remember this man?

Yeah some of you cringed. Michael Vick has gone through hell and back since his conviction including losing nearly two years of his life for “Animal Cruelty”.Isn’t killing them even more cruel? More dramatic?

This was because of dog-fighting.

Hmmm, let’s see. Humans fight. Matter of fact we put them in cages now with no equipment and give it three letters….UFC. Oh now it’s ok? Why isn’t the Commissioner of UFC not spending two years in prison for human cruelty?

“But Spiritt, those poor dogs didn’t have a choice”.

Sure they did. I can’t get Lilly to get off my foot without moving her myself. I tell her to do something and she stares at me. Go somewhere, she lays. Not that she doesn’t understand me. She just doesn’t feel like it. Dogs are smart. That’s what you love about them. Don’t make them stupid when it’s convenient.

And let’s not forget that some dogs can kill. They can kill humans they can bite you and hurt you or, worse, your children bad. Much like you wouldn’t pick a fight with a UFC you wouldn’t pick one with a vicious dog either. And the animals that Michael Vick were using to fight were not little cutsie stay in the house Poodles named Fifi with Pink Ribbons wrapped around their neck. They were the vicious UFC fighters of the dog breed.

And for the record. I’m AM NOT defending Michael Vick. All I’m saying is why is he the devil to animal lovers when your neighborhood shelter is killing animals a few blocks from your home?

Where’s the outrage?


5 thoughts on “Hey, Where’s The Outrage?

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  2. Animal shelters are a necessary evil. The shelters can’t afford to house animals indefinitely, but they give them a change at a good life. A chance they didn’t have when they were abused. Sadly I think giving each animal the same chance and period of time to be adopted is better than taking a few animals and ignoring the needs of the rest. Its not like the animals can be let lose in the city? Hungry animals do desperate things. Also they can spread decease.
    On a different point, are you telling me you would rather be torchered then killed, instead of killed our right? Think about it. In an abusive home you would be torchered then eventually die from the torcher. When put in a shelter, you have a chance to find a good home before humanely being put to sleep. The latter choice isn’t the best, but it is better than being torchered isn’t it?
    As far as dog fighting, those dogs do have a choice. Fight and die or just die. Great choice they have. Do you know what they do to dogs that refuse to fight? They are either killed on the spot, or used as a practice dog for a dog that is more vicious and killed in the ring. This is different than UFC. How is it different? We don’t kill our fighters. Our fighters get to tap out. Dog that fight don’t.

    • You have some valid questions. Let’s start from the top. While it’s true that shelters can’t house animals indefinitely why is it that the answer has to take place in a shelter? What did they do before they had shelters? There are children adoption shelters too. Imagine if the practice was the same. They too carry diseases. Hungry people do desperate things too. But they still let them lose in the City. Homelessness is real. Should we start picking them up and then execute anyone who we can’t get placed in a job after a certain time? And I agree it’s not a good idea to let them loose in the City. But I don’t think it has to be a city. It may be time for us to start thinking outside the box. Dogs can do a lot on farms. They can be trained to do just about anything. As far as your different point, I don’t think it’s the same thing. The word abuse has been replaced with torture. I never mentioned Torture. We don’t know what level of abuse those dogs go through. Some may just be messed with others may actually be tortured. But take my dog for example. Whatever level of abuse or torture she went through, it’s safe to say that she survived it. You asked if I would rather be tortured and then die anyway. I’m assuming you meant die from the torture which is an assumption. Yeah I would rather be tortured than be killed. With Torture there’s always a chance of survival. And who’s to say that a dog adopted from the shelter wouldn’t go to another home and be abused? And finally, since I know I’ve written a novel. I think the most vicious dogs that are vicious enough to be used to fight for money can bite the hell out of those guys and run. Michael Vick is fast. But he’s not dog fast. And again, I’m not defending him at all. Nor do I mean to suggest that it’s the dog’s fault. I’m just saying let’s explore options before we do a permanent thing like kill something. Anything. I mean can’t you make the argument that Michael Vick was only responsible for doing what the shelter would have done ultimately anyway? We could probably go back and forth on this all day (and I’m open to all discussion on this post as I don’t have a problem with someone arguing my point of view). But ultimately I don’t think this practice will stop

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