The Strangest Hour

Earlier today there was a one hour period where a few things happened that made me curl my eyebrows as if to say “that was strange”.

Remember, all four of these things happened within a one hour period.


I call up a Massage place where I am a member to set up an appt for this Saturday. I ask if they have an open time slot for an hour and a half.

She checks the computer and tells me that the first time available is 4:00, which is too late for me.I asked her if that was the earliest time available for an hour and a half. She said yes.

So I ask about only having an hour session to see if there is an earlier open time. She then asked me what time would work for me. I said around 11. She said there was a time slot open for that and gave me the persons name. Then I gave her my name, she enters it, pulls up my membership info and says:

“Oh this is on your birthday. Nice, relaxing way to celebrate”.

I agreed.

Then she asked, “Do you want to make that session an hour and a half?”

That caught me off guard. I paused. I asked, “There is an available slot for an hour and a half?”

She answered yes.

I didn’t call her out on it. I didn’t even agree to the hour and a half. I just stated that the hour would be good enough.

Now I don’t know what to think when I call to set up an appt. Her opinion of ‘earliest time available’ seems to be a little tainted.


I’m in the office assisting someone at my window (I work at public window). Another person waiting interrupts my assisting this lady (which really irks me….if you see I’m with someone then just pull a number and wait your turn).

His question?

“Is Window 5 Open?”

To which I turn to window 5 (I’m at window 6) and let the cat out of the bag:

“There’s no one there!”

To which he responds to by stating that the sign on her window said Open.

The lady I was helping couldn’t help but shake her head. I couldn’t help but bite my tongue as I do need my job to take care of my family.

But as she and I discovered when the dip wad had left, I don’t care what the sign on someone’s window said, in order for them to be open they have to also be, uh, present!

Surprisingly, some people need to interrupt the next window to be told that.


We have a very nice manager at my job and for the staff’s birthday individually. Seeing that mine is next, he brought in fruit, cheese, crackers and a cake, and as has been customary with him annually, he buys lunch for you on your bday.

Let me preempt this by stating he is a very nice guy and I don’t think there’s a bad bone in his body. Sometimes people say things and it comes out much worse than it sounds. Also keep in mind I’m an ‘African-American’ and he’s ‘Philipino’.

I ran in to him in the hallway outside and he told me to let him know where I wanted to get my lunch from and that he would get lunch from the same place.

I told him that he may not like the place that I order from knowing that he hasn’t been to it.

To which he reply, “Why, are you going to get some Black Eyed Peas and Collard Greens?”

(Insert the crickets chirping here)

All I could think was, “Wow, that was….that was RACIST”.

And it was. Make no mistake about it. I don’t believe he’s a racist. But that was a racist comment.

So I said, “ah I get it, because I’m black”.

He probably realized what he said and replied, “Oh no no no, I mean Philipino’s will eat anything.”

Well fortunately I know you and believe that was more you putting your foot in your mouth instead of it being a racist comment.


The conversation with my manager happened as I was heading to the grocery store. Right outside the grocery store, there was a guy sitting at a table that had a hand written sign on piece of cardboard that said ‘Head Start’.

Every few seconds he would say,

“Sign a petition for Head Start….we are only collecting signatures.”

But it should be noted that he had what could have been a fake beard, an eye mask like that of Mardi Gras, and a separate mask on his nose that looked like a nose of a pig.

All I could think to myself was ‘did you go to Head Start?’.

And if he did….well, fill in your own blank.

What a strange hour that was.


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