Update: Melancholia Info For Those Of You Looking

Hey real quick,

A few months ago I wrote this blog post about my horrible realization of the number of movies I watched last year; which spawned this new movie blog.

Thanks to WordPress’ excellent method of tracking your blog’s stats, I noticed that many of the people who read that blogged clicked the link of the picture to film Melancholia, that I rented through Amazon although it was still in theaters.

I think this was because few people had heard of it and had wanted more info on it.

Well just wanted to send a quick note that Melancholia is available for FREE streaming with an Amazon Prime Video Membership.

There are one of two ways that you can get access to a Prime Membership:

1) Join Amazon Prime for only $79 per year and not only enjoy unlimited, free videos from the Amazon Prime link above, but enjoy free upgraded two day shipping for anything sold by Amazon on their website. Well worth it. Check the Amazon Prime Video Membership link above to join.


2) If you’ve purchased an absolutely awesome Kindle Fire within the past 30 days, your Amazon Prime Membership is completely free for the first 30 days.

If you’ve done either of these two actions, then you have free access to watch Melancholia, if you’re still interested.

That is all.



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