The Best Tip For The Ladies (This One Is Short)

One of the complaints that you always hear from women is that their man doesn’t listen to them.

This seems to be a universal complaint.

Yesterday I was accidentally came across the answer.

I was sitting at the car wash waiting for them to be done. There were two rows of benches in the waiting area and I was sitting in the back.

There were two people sitting directly in front of me, and they were carrying on a very engaging conversation using Sign Language.

I couldn’t help but notice not only the conversation, but how animated they were in their signs. Apparently they were yelling at each other or something.

But I realized that the only way to have a conversation with someone in Sign Language is for each person to play strict attention to the other.

When your eyes are your ears you have no choice.

So ladies if you have a problem with your man not listening to you, date a deaf man and learn Sign Language. He will have no choice but listen to you with his eyes when you speak.

Problem solved.

You’re welcome.



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