The Best Card Game EVER

Yesterday my wife, daughter and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings for the very first time. The experience there is another story for another day.

After we order the food, we play the waiting game. Well, not literally. Actually my wife and daughter played a different game as of the result of our child’s creative mind.

They were playing the classic game Uno. Simple enough right? They both know how to play the game so it should be a breeze. I’m on the other side of the table watching them play. This is what I see:

Please note the expression on our baby’s face. It’s very serious. This is not a game. She’s the ultimate competitor. She hates to lose and it’s genuine.She also tends to gloat when she wins. Where does she get it? I have no idea. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Oh, perhaps I should mention why this is so funny. Here’s a closeup shot of their playing cards.

Ah, now the plot thickens. Just like that, the game has turned into an infinite version of itself.

Can you imagine how hard it would be to win in Uno if every card was exactly the same? Well, I’ll tell you how hard. It’s impossible.

Why? Because every time they played a card they needed to announce what card they are playing. How can you argue it? Sure, you can say that it’s not the card they claimed it was. But, ya know, THAT would look ridiculous.

But they make it work and continue to play.

The funniest thing is that any time anyone called out Uno, the other would magically just play a Draw Four. Clearly, this game was never going to end. Until mom figured a way out.

Note the happy look on my wife’s face. Not sure if it was happy to play with the baby or happy to figure a way out of the eternal game of imaginary Uno.

Here was the exit strategy. My wife got a hold of a lot of (ahem) “cards” and said, “ok look.

(playing her “cards” in rapid recession) Skip back to me, Reverse back to me, Skip again back to me, Skip back to me, Draw Two, Draw Two, Draw Two, Skip back to me, Draw Four, Uno, Color Red, Skip back to me, I win.”

Hence the look on our baby’s face. And daddy cracking up on the other side of the table.

I love hanging out with my family.


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