I Have Figured Out Lebron’s Problem

Humor me for a second.

I know how it is when you’re a fan of someone and some ‘hater’ comes and disrespects him/her. Makes you want to….well, you know.

But I’m not coming from the perspective of a so-called hater. I actually like Lebron. Until last year’s epic Finals meltdown I often defended LBJ (which we’ll call him from now on).

But something is wrong. Not to say that he’s already counted out this season, but with his team down 3 – 2 and playing in enemy territory tonight, it’s a strong possibility.

Nine years in the league, and if they lose tonight nine seasons where he did not win a championship.

I ran across this interesting article about LBJ and his Miami Heat this morning. As I read, there were things that dawned on me as I figured out the secret to what would get LBJ over the championship hump.

And right off the bat let me say, no, it’s not his lack of Killer Instinct at the end of the game.

Fans of LBJ often argue that while he may not even shoot the last shot of the game, he often has an amazing stat line. This is true. He’s clearly been the most consistent player on the Heat all season and including the playoffs.

So what’s wrong?

It started in the article:

“It is fitting,” James said after practice Wednesday about again facing an elimination game in Boston. “I know how much pain this team has given me over the years. So I guess it’s only right that we’d be going up there in an elimination game. In order for us to keep our season going, we got to win in their building.”

As I read it I couldn’t help but notice the lack of urgency. So much pain this team has given you and you don’t want to go in there and destroy them? He almost seemed scared and he was definitely unconvincing. “…..we got to win in their building”. Well, yeah. What’s the point in pointing out the obvious? It struck me as odd, but I let it go.

Then later in the article, he continued:

“If I can get a couple more points here, a couple more rebounds there, a couple of more assists there, maybe we win more games,” James said. “I don’t know. I put a lot of pressure on myself to try to come through for our team. And (Tuesday) night I feel I could have made a couple more plays, and I didn’t.”

Ah. There it is. Did you see it? It wasn’t in what he said. It was in what he didn’t say.

But before I reveal the secret, let me tell you my thought process on why I thought of it.

At one point in this article, the writer pointed out that the Celtics beat  LBJ’s Cavs in Game 7 of the 2008 Semifinals. In that game LBJ went off. He had 45 of Cleveland’s 92 points.

You score half of your teams points and still lose? I think we’re missing something here. Then I had a wonder. I wondered what happened on the other side that was not mentioned.

After a little research my suspicion was correct.

In that very same game, Paul Pierce, who was being guarded by LBJ had 41 points. That almost cancels out LBJ’s points to a tee in that game. Add the fact that Boston clearly has/had more options than LBJ’s Cavs and his current Heat, there’s no way he stood a chance.

Do you see it now? LBJ didn’t mention anything about defense. He hopes that scoring a couple more points, dropping a couple more dimes, and/or grabbing a couple more rebounds will be enough. In other words, more offense is key.

Anyone who knows anything about hoops has heard this: Defense wins championships, Offense wins games.

Apparently LBJ thought it didn’t apply to him. He needs a coach who will force him to think about shutting people down with his ability, not dunking over them (There’s a guy who used to coach Orlando who is available now. I’m sure he can help with that).

He needs someone to instill in him that the best way you grab those extra points, boards, or dimes is to shut down the Boston Celtics. Not just on your own, but with a team effort.

But when your leader isn’t even thinking defense, why would the rest of the team? How did Boston win in 2008? How did the Spurs and Lakers win all those championships in the last decade? Heck, how did the Mavs even win a championship last year against LBJ and his Miami Heat?

Defense Lebron. Not by trying to score more. The sooner you learn that, the better your chances of winning 8, 5, 12, 15 championships or whatever you said will be.


2 thoughts on “I Have Figured Out Lebron’s Problem

  1. I think Lebron James is a very, very good overall player. Most of the team’s he has played with have lacked depth on the offensive end which forces him to shoulder the load. With everything he has to do on offense to keep up with the other team, isn’t it possible that he’s just worn out on the defensive end?

    Just my two cents, looking forward to your opinion.

    • I think if that’s the case he should change the end that he puts all of his effort in to. Putting all of his effort on Offense and having nothing left for Defense has him Title-less. If he shut down the other teams best player, he wouldn’t have to score as much.

      But I’m not sure about the implication that this physically dominant being is unable to play hard on both ends of the floor. And he certainly has more help now than he did in Cleveland, which isn’t saying much.

      I think he’s a very very good overall offensive player. He can get triple doubles with the likes of anyone. But I don’t think he’s a shut down defender as his physical abilities would allow him to be.

      Thanks for reading and for stating your opinion. It’s always welcomed.

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