Quite Possibly The Most Confusing Article I’ve Ever Read

Here’s the article itself if you want to see it live, but it’s not an article so here it is:


Los Angeles Lakers forward Matt Barnes has been released from jail after being arrested on suspicion of threatening a police officer who stopped him for a traffic warrant.

Manhattan Beach police Sgt. Paul Ford says Barnes posted $51,000 bail and was released shortly before 11:30 p.m. Monday, some three hours after his arrest.

The 32-year-old Barnes was walking in the Los Angeles suburb when he was stopped and arrested on a misdemeanor warrant for driving on a suspended license.

Ford says Barnes allegedly made a verbal threat to the officer and was arrested for that as well.

A call to the Lakers seeking comment wasn’t immediately returned early Tuesday.

Barnes was the Lakers’ top-scoring reserve this past season, averaging 7.8 points per game.

Ok, let’s start with this part:

“The 32-year-old Barnes was walking in the Los Angeles suburb when he was stopped and arrested on a misdemeanor warrant for driving on a suspended license.”

Sooooo he was arrested for driving with a suspended license while walking? That’s what it sounds like to me. Sure, a warrant had been issued so I get it was from a previous incident. But shouldn’t the article say when? From what? Journalism 101? Didn’t he have a DUI recently? No mention of that at all.


“Ford says Barnes allegedly made a verbal threat to the officer and was arrested for that as well.”

Sound to anyone else like he was arrested twice at the same time? Like maybe they cuffed him, put him in the back of the car, took him out of the car, took the cuffs off, then put the cuffs back on and put him back in the back of the car, then probably added ‘take that you heathen’?

Just a stab in the dark here, but perhaps what they should have said was that he was CHARGED for the verbal threats as well.

Then again, what do I know? They’re the professionals.


Happy First Birthday To This Blog

I won’t do the usual cliche of my baby and wishing it a happy first birthday. There’s nothing like the real feeling of being a parent to a child celebrating their birthday.

But there is an amazing sense of pride I have in this blog.

Truth be told, I don’t think it’s what you would consider a successful blog in regards to followers. As of this writing I have 21 followers (and all posts are sent to my one hundred and eighty something Facebook friends). But it doesn’t matter. First of all, I have no idea the average for followers to a blog after its first year. Second, and much more important, the true victory lies within the realization of what this blog exposed….

My true love and passion for writing.

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Battle of Wits, Final Score: General Public (0), Small Piece of Cardboard (1)

As my mom would say, “maybe it’s just me” (in the context of, maybe it’s me who’s crazy because this just can’t be).

I work at a public window. I went out into our lobby today, sat at my station, and took a picture of what the public sees when they sit.

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Jewels of Wisdom From A Wise Man

Sometimes I marvel at how often something you view as either routine or trivial can end up affecting you much more than you imagined.

I’ve recently discovered my passion for writing and I am currently writing a screenplay (movie script). In the books I’ve been reading on the subject of screenwriting, one of the recommendations is to do research on what you’re writing about and the suggestion is not to do your research on the internet, but go out and experience it or speak to someone who has.

My screenplay centers around two brothers (related, not brothas from another mother) who are cooks in a country club.

I’ve never stepped foot in a country club before and found it difficult to write scenes in a place that I’ve never been to.

Then I had a brainstorm. I went home, grabbed a pen and a notebook and drove to my Great Aunt Mae and Uncle AJ’s  House.

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How One Small Letter Makes A Big Difference

Random thought, because ya know, that’s what I do.

I was typing something on FB, oh sorry for you non-abbreviation people out there (is there an abbreviation for abbreviation?), but FB is Facebook.

Oh sorry for you non Facebook people…..never mind.

Anyway, in that comment on FB, I wrote about a celebrity who got a ticket for Reckless Driving.

As I wrote that phrase it dawned on me the difference a W makes in this case, but just in general how one letter can be a major game changer.

Reckless Driving may potentially cause a Wreck. But if you added a W it would be Wreckless Driving, then there would be nothing wrong.

So technically the only way to avoid driving Reckless is to drive Wreckless.

On the other hand, not driving Reckless doesn’t always guarantee that you will drive Wreckless.

So if you’re ever pulled over and the officer tells you he pulled over for driving Wreckless, tell him thank you and drive away. But don’t tell him I told you to.