How One Small Letter Makes A Big Difference

Random thought, because ya know, that’s what I do.

I was typing something on FB, oh sorry for you non-abbreviation people out there (is there an abbreviation for abbreviation?), but FB is Facebook.

Oh sorry for you non Facebook people…..never mind.

Anyway, in that comment on FB, I wrote about a celebrity who got a ticket for Reckless Driving.

As I wrote that phrase it dawned on me the difference a W makes in this case, but just in general how one letter can be a major game changer.

Reckless Driving may potentially cause a Wreck. But if you added a W it would be Wreckless Driving, then there would be nothing wrong.

So technically the only way to avoid driving Reckless is to drive Wreckless.

On the other hand, not driving Reckless doesn’t always guarantee that you will drive Wreckless.

So if you’re ever pulled over and the officer tells you he pulled over for driving Wreckless, tell him thank you and drive away. But don’t tell him I told you to.



4 thoughts on “How One Small Letter Makes A Big Difference

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  3. Despite being a court reporter for 7 years and having heard and written reckless literally a million times, I’ve never made this connection. Like the way your brain works.

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