Money Money Money Money…….Money

This title, as you may or may not know, comes from the lyrics of a classic O’Jays song.

In it, they sing: “some people, got ta have it……”

Here in 2012 I’m going to rewrite the classic. I’m going to say that “ALL people, got ta have it…..”

Money is the root of everything. But more so it’s been the common factor in my life right now.

You may have noticed I haven’t written anything on here for a minute. That’s because my entire life has done a 180 in the last month.

I was taken from my regular work location in Van Nuys CA and moved to Downtown LA. Since I live in LA, I save money on gas. But I initially was spending money in parking, and with there being no community fridge at my new spot, I’m spending more on lunch.

As I mentioned, I also work downtown now. Any Downtown USA is almost always filled with people asking for money. In fact, it’s full of a lot of people asking for money. Take a short walk to the store or to grab lunch and you could be hit up three or four times, by three or four different people, asking you for money in three or four different ways.

“You got any spare change?” “Can you spare a quarter?” “Can ya help a brotha out?”

I suppose they are in desperate need. But isn’t that the case with all of us? I mean, because I have a job does that mean I have unlimited money? Am I really doing better than people begging at gas stations? Sure I have income but I also have bills/rent/car note/a little girl who all require said money.

Now that I think about it, I should be asking THEM if they have any change?

Anyway, shortly after being forced to work downtown I found out that I got a promotion to supervise my new coworkers. Talk about adjustments!!

In the City of LA, a temporary position where you’re suddenly given a promotion is called ‘Acting’. They put Acting in front of the title. When I started acting, my work load literally increased about $4000 worth. But they pay me a bonus that comes out to $92 per paycheck for that increase in work.

Despite my new found wealth, I decided to get in to this new business venture. It’s a site set up for me where I will be your source for all even tickets, including but not limited to; all concerts, plays, sporting events, and special shows.

Shameless Plug: It’s called and the site should be up in a few days. Check it out for all your ticket needs.

The only requirement for me to join the program was to register my own domain name. I went to and they have a special for new domain registrations. The special is $2.95 for the registration for your first year.

Today is payday for me and it’s the first payday where my wealthy bonus takes effect. I’m sad to announce that last night, I could not register my domain name because of a lack of funds. How sad is that? A working man, a newly promoted supervisor can’t afford $2.95.

Actually it wasn’t $2.95. The total is $3.13 because they charge $.18 for something actually called an icann fee, which I’m pretty sure is just go daddy saying “I’m yo daddy and icann charge whatever bs fee I want”.

Then today, since it is payday and my $92 increase apparently catapults me into the upper class, I decided to get my car looked at since the brakes on the Altima were grinding. Can’t be wealthy with brakes that are rough.

I get to the place, tell them what’s going on, he asked if it were the front brakes or rear. I tell him front based because I hear the grinding up front.

He takes off my tire and behind it checks the pads, which is extremely low. Fortunately, it’s still at a point where I only need to change the pads, which the guy tells me will be $90. Well, thank God I got my raise and thank you City of LA for paying for my pads while I act (Denzel eat your heart out).

They get the part, change the pads on both sides, her runs my debit card, it’s NOT declined because I’m now a manager thank you very much, and I’m on my way. I get in the car, start it up, and take off to edge of the parking lot. I get to the exit of the driveway and there’s traffic on the street. I need to brake. I brake. It grinds.

Wait, what happened? Why am I still hearing exactly what I heard $90 ago?

The guy hears it and comes over to me and says he still hears it (yeah, thanks) and asks me if I want him to check it out (really sir?). I pull back to the station, he takes off the back tires and checks and realizes the problem. While the front brake pads were low, the back pads were GONE! I mean nothing but metal. It had been grinding against the Rotor, which now also needed to be replaced.

Terrific. Now I didn’t have the money to replace the front brakes but I’m in a position to have to replace both…..and a rotor. An additional $120 down and I’m on my way, grind free…..for real this time.

So every dollar in my life has been important, served a purpose, and been more valuable than I can explain. It’s payday and I’m almost broke again, already.

Yet when I go in to work my responsibilities have increased dramatically. I’m tired at the end of the day, I’m stressed and was highly unprepared for this demanding position. There are no real perks since my paycheck is laughable. Well screw you, I’m taking an extra 10 mins for lunch. Take that, fool!

And to put the cherry on top, I was walking out a restaurant with my little girl’s hand in mine tonight, and we were approached by another begging man. He felt the need to tell me he had asked 11 people before me to no avail. He wanted to know…..literally…..if he could have $0.61. Yes, 0.61!!! Seriously.

Well his $0.61 are in my ability to stop my car when driving now. Not that I would have given it to him before that, but now I have an excuse. Now, if he asked for $0.60 I might have went ahead and done it.

I leave you good people with the actual song referenced at the beginning of this post. Enjoy it and try to make as much as you can. You never know when Go Daddy will have their $3 special again.

Happy frickin payday!


4 thoughts on “Money Money Money Money…….Money

  1. I don’t know if I want to laugh or cry at the truth in this story. Man.. We have to write the B.G. Chronicles! We can have a movie made and never need city jobs again !!

  2. Come back to me SPIR!!! Not worth it, is it????
    Been there, done that.
    Actually, I am there, doing just that! ❤

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