About Me

I can’t tell you how many times I have been on a particular social networking site typing my thoughts. I type away, excited at the thought of coming up with an undeniably brilliant, well written, witty, hilariously true observation that anyone reading will appreciate.

I hit the button to share my thoughts with the world. Then I get hit with this message:

Your post contains more than 420 characters. Please edit and try again

Now my masterpiece has to be trimmed and perhaps lose some of its fervor. As if the internet can’t hold a post containing more than 420 characters.

Can you imagine James Cameron being told that his film Titanic had to be kept to two hours or less?

Ok, perhaps that’s a bit overly-dramatic. But you get the point.

Some of us need more than 420 characters to effectively express ourselves on particular thoughts and issues. So this is my big fat ‘Screw You’ to social networking sites with character caps.  Here I can write to my hearts content and I doesn’t even need an editor….oh wait

Where did Think boxer come from? I have a four year old little girl who loves to sing the songs she learns at school. One day she came home singing a song identifying parts of the body and as they sing a part of the body, they point to it. When she pointed to her head, the song called it a Think Boxer.  It stuck with me and I began referring to it as her think boxer whenever I would tell her to think about something.

This place is all about my thoughts. No particular subject matter. Just whatever is on my mind. My complaints, funny stories, arguments, silly questions, goofy thoughts, strong opinions and anything else I find to share with the world.

Thanks for taking the trip to my think boxer. Let’s have some fun


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