My Thoughts On 2013 Movies: 3D Edition

Hey peeps. It’s cranky old me again. The one who always has an opinion.

So the movie making world seems to be stuck on this 3D Bandwagon right now and it’s extremely annoying. Mainly because 3D is pretty pointless in most cases.

Sure, I recently purchased an LG 3DTV with the same type of 3D as in the movie theater. But I’m an idiot. You don’t really wanna be like me.

There are certain movies where 3D actually enhances the storytelling. But for most  movies 3D does nothing more than squeeze those extra few dollars out of your pocket to increase their total gross receipts.

And I think I’ve figured something out. All animated films are mandated to be in 3D. Has to be. You’d be hard pressed to find one released in today’s time that isn’t.

Well here are my thoughts on 3D movies that have arrived or are on their way. As I said before, I don’t do reviews. Just my thoughts.

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