How My 6 Yr Old Had Me Fighting Back Tears

This story began on Friday night, July 12.

My little girl had stayed home on that day with her mother and I’m assuming at one point they were both in the kitchen. That’s not unusual for her and with her vivid imagination, she likes to pretend she has her own cooking show and has included “visitors” to the house. The visitors were her fans.

When I got home that night she told me that she made blue tissues and wanted me to help her figure out how to make them glow in the dark. The blue tissues, as it turned out, were napkins she had poured blue dish washing liquid on. She had a small orange pot that was full of a nice little collection of blue napkins. She said she wanted to sell them for $20 and told me her dreams of having a house full of money.

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Battle of Wits, Final Score: General Public (0), Small Piece of Cardboard (1)

As my mom would say, “maybe it’s just me” (in the context of, maybe it’s me who’s crazy because this just can’t be).

I work at a public window. I went out into our lobby today, sat at my station, and took a picture of what the public sees when they sit.

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Top 12 Words / Phrases We Need To Put To Rest

The English language is quite naturally a confusing thing.

Just say the word ‘There’ out loud.

Then say ‘Their’.

Now say ‘They’re.

I might be better off speaking spanish.

But the regular English language ain’t got nuthin’ on slang.

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