How My 6 Yr Old Had Me Fighting Back Tears

This story began on Friday night, July 12.

My little girl had stayed home on that day with her mother and I’m assuming at one point they were both in the kitchen. That’s not unusual for her and with her vivid imagination, she likes to pretend she has her own cooking show and has included “visitors” to the house. The visitors were her fans.

When I got home that night she told me that she made blue tissues and wanted me to help her figure out how to make them glow in the dark. The blue tissues, as it turned out, were napkins she had poured blue dish washing liquid on. She had a small orange pot that was full of a nice little collection of blue napkins. She said she wanted to sell them for $20 and told me her dreams of having a house full of money.

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My Friends Bobby Moore, Patricia Moore, And Their Family Need Your Help; Sad Situation

Hey guys,

The unthinkable has happened. Bobby Moore and I are high school friends and Patricia Moore is his mother. Their sister/daughter respectively, Renicia, gave birth to a little girl named Sophia, who after a five week battle for her life tragically passed away last week.

Now the family is in an unimaginable situation trying to grieve and yet come up with the money for baby Sophia’s funeral.

As I type these words, it almost seems surreal. As a father of a five year old girl, I absolutely cannot imagine this level of pain. I worry about mine daily, hourly, minutely. Where is she? Is she safe? Be it a bug, an animal or another human I would kill to keep her safe.

What do you do when you’re in a position where God calls your child home? I can’t imagine. Neither can you.

So I’m calling on all parents and non-parents with good hearts. This family is unknown to you but I know them and they are very good people, a good family. They certainly do not deserve this pain.

I’m asking you to help them. You may have seen ads to sponsor a stranger child in Africa for something like $0.83 a day, and you have no idea who that kid is or even if you’re contributing to something real.

Well I can vouch that this is very real, very painful, and very heart-breaking.

There are two ways to help:

1) Make a direct donation to the funeral. Renicia and her husband set up an account at Bank of American specifically for Sophia.

UPDATE: By the request of Renicia and out of respect, I have removed the bank account number. Please contact me for the bank account information and I’ll email it to you.

2) A friend of Patricia’s who has her own online business, has created specifically for Sophia a special soap for sale, with 100% of the proceeds going directly to Sophia.

Per Patricia’s friend, Tabitha, who is selling the soap:

OK so one of my dear friends Patricia Moore is suffering pain from the loss of her beautiful grand daughter Sophia. I felt the same when the cousin who is like a Sister to me lost her baby Carter. The pain was nearly unbearable. With this loss comes financial burden that only adds to the difficulties processing this tough time. So in honor of Patricia, her large heart, faith and beautiful family I am offering a “Sophia” soap. These will be in the shape of a cupcake. They will be scented with Lavender for calming, Rose for love, and Lily to help the mourning process. They will have chamomile herb added in honor of her youth. Each soap will be $5 which will include first class shipping. 100% of profit which is $3 of each soap ($2 is my cost of shipping) will be donated to her family. Limit 3 per person. Please help my beautiful friend and her family. Message me to order. (Patricia feel free to post this to your friends)

The website link to buy the soap is right here.

And here is what the soap looks like.

Although you may not know this family, ask yourself: If you were in their shoes, wouldn’t you want someone to donate something, anything? Any amount you want or even $5 for a cupcake bar of soap in honor of Sophia? You can do it. You will spend money on countless useless things in the next few days/weeks. Why not spend just a small amount of money and support a good family caught in a bad situation.

Much love to the family and especially to baby Sophia, and on behalf of the family thank you for your support.

The Best Card Game EVER

Yesterday my wife, daughter and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings for the very first time. The experience there is another story for another day.

After we order the food, we play the waiting game. Well, not literally. Actually my wife and daughter played a different game as of the result of our child’s creative mind.

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Young children are very cute. You know, the age before they get to the point where they know everything and don’t want to spend any time with you?

Oh how I wish I could keep my child five years old forever.

Anyway my little girl has a few things she will say or has said that are too cute for words. Yes I realize every parent probably says the same thing about their child. Well, let em get their own blog.

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