An Unexpected Life Saver

I work for a branch of the government. I would tell you which one but it’s extremely classified and would completely blow my cover.

Besides employees of the City of Los Angeles should fly under the radar anyway. Wait….s**t.

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Advertisements is officially here


I’m excited about this. My business is up and running. Now comes the blood, sweat, and Years (yes, I know).

The best part about it is that it doesn’t matter what city and state you’re located in, I’ve got you covered.

All sports, concerts, theater, Las Vegas shows, even Broadway shows. Doesn’t matter. All of the people that I’ve used to test the tickets I have compared to the tickets on one of my competitors said that my seats are better than even Ticketmaster.

And because you’ve all been so loyal to me, by following me here, I have a special treat for you:

Use code RRG0906 and get a 10% discount on your purchase. This is a code I’m only giving out to you, my blog followers/readers as a way of saying THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

So check out my new website, use your code and enjoy. Oh, and tell your friends about me! I want to be your event ticket supplier. I even have access to tickets that other, bigger providers don’t have for sell yet.

Stick with me, I’ll hook you up.

Thanks again

The Art Of Mastery For My 5 Yr Old

How many things in life do we take for granted?

Things we do daily – sometimes even several times per day – that we don’t even think about. Usually it’s not until we can’t do them anymore that we realize how fortunate we are.

Or perhaps, as in my case, when you watch your child do simple things early on in their life do you begin to feel the same way.

There’s always a fine line as a parent between you helping your child, doing things for them, or you letting them figure things out for themselves. It’s very difficult to tell which option you should exercise and when.

So on Saturday morning, I sat and watched my Kindergartener for what felt like 5 hrs put on and ultimately tie her shoes.

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